Great Soles for Great Souls

At Kicks for a Cause (KFACTampa), we believe that every step has the power to make a difference, and that every soul has the potential to shine bright. We are a passionate and dedicated group of volunteers who have come together to create a better world, one pair of shoes at a time.

We are proud to say that 100% of the proceeds from every purchase you make go directly to supporting those in need, because when you choose to purchase from us, you are not just buying a product, you are investing in a vision. A vision of a world where everyone has access to the resources and support they need to thrive. A world where kindness, compassion, and creativity are the currency of change.

So join us on this journey, and let's make a difference together. With every step we take, we can bring a little more light into the world, and inspire others to do the same. Thank you for choosing KFAC as your partner in this mission.

Exclusive Nonprofit Designs

Guest Artist Collections

  • Traci L. Turner

    "Inspired by humanistic themes and sometimes the absurdity of the internet, through my paintings I like to connect with the emotional and humorous sides of people."

    The Traci L Turner Collection 
  • Aliye Cullu

    "Making a painting is similar to building a theatre set. Each day in a place is different with its moods, lighting, drama, and romance. The land, water, trees, and flowers all play their distinct parts in the scheme. Portraying Nature's fragile beauty is part of my role as a painter."

    The Aliye Cullu Collection 
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